Indian truck art painting: Horn OK Please


Indian truck art painting for sale: Horn OK Please signboard.

This beautiful hand painted signboard can be used as a creative doorbell mount! It is guaranteed to add a quirk quotient to your home or commercial establishment!

Indian Hippy presents quirky hand painted signboards featuring traditional, vintage Indian truck art painting. This amazing kitschy signboard makes a perfect doorbell mount – for your home or office.

These signboards are made of genuine pinewood and have been hand painted by the last few remaining truck artists in India.

Hand painted signboards are near extinct in today’s digital age. Indian Hippy’s collection of hand painted signs is an attempt to revive this beautiful art and in the process of doing so, have a little fun with it!

Get yourself a quirky hand painted Indian truck art painting signboard from Indian Hippy today.

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  • Quirky hand painted signboard featuring traditional Indian truck art painting that can be used as a doorbell mount
  • Hand painted on genuine pinewood by the last few remaining Bollywood poster artists & hoarding / banner painters in India
  • Dual hooks on backside for hanging
  • Approximately 18 inches wide x 9 inches tall


Q> What material are the signboards made of?

The signboards are made of genuine pinewood

Q> How can I display the signboard?

They come with two hooks at the back, ready for hanging

Q> Will the paint wear off?

Each signboard is coated with a protective layer of varnish to ensure long life of the painting

Q> How are the signboards packed?

They are covered in bubble wrap to ensure safe delivery to your doorstep


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