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Brand Indian Hippy

Indian Hippy is a collective of the last few remaining Bollywood movie poster artists & billboard painters in India with a core social responsibility and commitment towards breathing fresh life into the virtually extinct art form of hand painted Hindi film posters. Indian Hippy offers a range of products & services such as custom painted Bollywood movie posters, vintage Bollywood movie posters, hand painted portraits & sketches, old Hindi/Indian cinema posters, etc., all hand painted by the last few remaining Bollywood movie poster artists & billboard painters in Mumbai, India.

Indian Hippy strives to revive the vintage art of hand painted Bollywood movie posters, which has now been replaced by the digital age, and support Bollywood movie poster artists through this unique venture. Our designs are a kaleidoscopic attempt to capture the beauty and magic of blockbuster Hindi films of both the past as well as the present age. Founded in 2009, Indian Hippy is the brainchild of Mumbai-based entrepreneur Hinesh Jethwani.

Choose from our exclusive & limited edition catalog of hand painted products, which include fashion accessories such as clutch purses, handbags, belts & wallets, home décor items such as chairs & signboards, functional items such as key hangers & clocks, and gift items such as diary folders, all painstakingly hand painted to perfection by Bollywood movie poster artists! In addition to this very unique collection of hand painted products, we also provide the following services:

  • Custom painted Bollywood movie posters
  • Custom painted Hollywood movie posters
  • Hand painted Hindi cinema posters
  • Hand painted portraits
  • Pencil sketches & caricature portraits
  • Hand painted products
  • Wall murals for homes & commercial establishments
  • Stage backdrops
  • Supersized paintings
  • Garage shutter murals
  • Vintage Bollywood movie posters
  • Vintage Bollywood vinyl records
  • Vintage Bollywood still photos
  • Vintage Bollywood handbills, magazines, slides, booklets, magazines & other Bollywood memorabilia!

In addition to a catalog of hand painted products, Indian Hippy also offers vintage hand painted Bollywood movie posters & old Hindi cinema posters for sale. If you are looking to put your own photo in a Bollywood or Hollywood film poster, Indian Hippy offers custom painted movie posters & personalized Hindi movie posters for sale. A unique gift item, you can now add your own face in any Hindi movie poster. Your very own custom Bollywood movie poster hand painted by Bollywood movie poster artists and billboard painters in India!


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