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Hand painted Bollywood movie posters in the present era

Modern day Bollywood movie posters are designed digitally using computer graphics software and printed on vinyl, lacking creativity and the high impact color schemes that were the hallmarks of their vintage Bollywood movie poster counterparts. As such, there is burgeoning demand for vintage Bollywood movie poster prints worldwide, with collectors and aficionados looking to purchase a piece of rare Indian cinematic legacy. Put simply, it is impossible to restore or recreate the glory of vintage Bollywood movie posters.

To own this beautiful vintage art form, one could either purchase an original, authentic vintage Bollywood movie poster print or order an oil on canvas, hand painted replica of a vintage Bollywood movie poster from Indian Hippy, painted by the last few remaining Bollywood movie poster artists. Browsing through a collection of vintage Bollywood movie posters is much like stepping back into time by turning the pages of a history book! Each individual vintage Bollywood movie poster represents a forgotten era in Indian cinema and most importantly, in Bollywood movie poster culture.

Many regard the advent of digitally printed posters as the final nail in the coffin for hand painted Bollywood movie poster art. However, the digital revolution in Bollywood movie poster culture has brought with it an increasing fascination for vintage hand painted Bollywood movie poster art. Vintage Bollywood movie posters have now been transported from walls outside cinema houses to the pristine indoors of museums and art houses, as well as homes of private collectors & art aficionados. In many ways, vintage Bollywood movie posters & Bollywood movie publicity material hold the true historical essence of Indian/Hindi cinema.

Hand painted, vintage Bollywood movie posters have come full circle, coming a long way from being displayed outside cinema houses, tea stalls, paan shops, public urinals, dhabhas, etc., to the priceless museums and art galleries of today. Initially, vintage Bollywood movie poster culture was not regarded as an art form because of their commercial advertising application. However, with the non-existence of hand painted Bollywood movie poster culture today, it has crossed over into becoming a much sought after art form. The aesthetic brilliance of vintage Bollywood movie posters is undeniable – a fact that has opened up new markets such as the antique as well as home & commercial décor space.

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