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The very same Bollywood movie poster art that coloured the streets of India, depicting blockbuster moments of Indian cinema, can now be a part of your life. Indian Hippy presents a range of exclusive hand painted products in limited edition formats that combine art and function. Our designs are a kaleidoscopic attempt to capture the beauty and magic of blockbuster Indian films of both the past as well as the present age. Manufactured in India, our exclusive products are painstakingly hand painted by the last few remaining Bollywood movie poster artists and billboard painters who ensure that each and every product rolled out from the Indian Hippy stable is unique in its own right.

The process of hand painting on small products such as wallets, belts, clutches/purses & handbags is very challenging indeed. Our Bollywood movie poster artists have invested several man hours in trying to perfect the trade. The fact that the canvas is at least 1/10th the size of that they have been traditionally used to painting on, coupled with the totally different texture of material (i.e. leather, wood, vinyl, fabric, etc. instead of the traditional canvas), has imposed significant challenges. As such, our Bollywood movie poster artists have put in a lot of time relearning and trying to perfect their designs with “zero” brushes to capture the expressions and emotions of their muses to the tiniest detail. We follow a proven model of painting that involves tedious steps such as washing/deglazing/preparing the surface, using high quality paints, and finishing with high recommended product finishers to ensure that the paint remains preserved.

From the time an order is received, the meticulous process of handcrafting the product and subsequently hand painting it begins. Each product, as a result, is 100% custom made and unique in its own right. At Indian Hippy, we strive to deliver the best quality by ensuring that there is no rush to manufacture a product just for the sake of fulfilling an order. At the same time, we appreciate your patience and trust in giving us the time to deliver the best.

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