Canvas portraits from the best portrait painters in Mumbai, India


Canvas portraits from photos made by the best portrait painters in Mumbai, India. Our talented team will convert your memorable photo into a hand painted masterpiece on canvas!

If you are searching for canvas portraits online, you have come to the right place. Indian Hippy offers canvas portraits custom made in your preferred size. Every detail is accurately captured with careful brushstrokes on canvas.

Thinking of a special gift for a colleague, friend, family member or spouse? Canvas portraits from photos are the most timeless gift that you can give someone.

Canvas portraits painting is the best personalized gift that you can think of in today’s fast paced world where everything is digital and computerized. Hand painted portraits on canvas carry both an old world vintage charm as well as serve as priceless mementos, capturing emotions and sentiment.

Canvas portraits created from photos are a must have for those looking to make that special someone feel extra special!

Our studio employs only the best portrait painters in India. You can now place an order from the comfort of your home. Purchase canvas portraits online by simply sending us the photo that you would like converted to an oil painting. Select your preferred size based on the measurements of the wall that you plan to display the painting in and allow us to do the rest!

The best portrait painters in Indian Hippy’s studio will convert any photo that you send us into a beautiful canvas portraits painting in your custom size. The entire process is handmade and we do not follow any digital techniques or shortcuts. Starting from a pencil outline, you can see your canvas portraits from photos come alive step by step!

Key milestones of the production process such as grid marking, pencil outline, first wash, detailing, highlighting and finishing will be shared with you as part of our 100% transparent model.

Don’t delay! Order your canvas portraits painting today!

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  • Painstaking hand painted to perfection by the best & most famous portrait painters in India
  • The best personalized gift that you can think of in today’s digital era
  • A great attention grabber and conversation starter when placed in your home/office
  • Your hand painted canvas portrait from your photo can be made in either oil or acrylic paints, depending on your budget and turnaround time.


How the process works:

  1. Email us a clear (preferably high resolution) photograph that you would like converted into a hand painted portrait
  2. We will revert with a size and price chart for converting your photo to a portrait painting on canvas
  3. You are free to select any size that best suits your budget or display requirements
  4. Once you send us your payment using any of the modes listed on our website, we will proceed with converting your photo to a portrait painting on canvas
  5. As soon as your hand painted canvas portrait painting is ready, we will send you a photo of the same
  6. Once you approve your hand painted portrait, we ship your hand painted canvas minus the frame in a scroll pack to your doorstep.


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