Order portrait drawing online


Order portrait drawing online from your photo.

Made by the best charcoal pencil artists in India from your photo, you can now order from anywhere in the world and get fast doorstep delivery!

Indian Hippy offers artistic hand drawn portraits made using charcoal pencils on paper. If you are searching for the best charcoal pencil portrait artists in India, look no further! Indian Hippy has simplified the entire process to order portrait drawing online. We offer a convenient and hassle free online service to commission a pencil portrait. Simply select your most treasured photo that you would like us to sketch on paper and select your preferred size. Once you upload your image and place an order from this page, our expert team of portrait sketch artists in India will do the rest.

Made on ivory grade paper using artist quality charcoal and graphite pencils, Indian Hippy’s portrait drawing art will last you a lifetime if framed correctly.

Turn your favorite picture into an incredible work of art that you can proudly flaunt on your wall. Our portrait drawing will leave visitors at your home or commercial establishment spellbound. Every pencil drawing made at the Indian Hippy studio is sketched to perfection. At the Indian Hippy studio, the best portrait pencil artists in India will strive to recreate the minutest details in your treasured photo.

If you are planning a unique gift to give to a dear friend, colleague, family member or spouse, order portrait drawing online today! A portrait drawing created by hand is the best personalized gift idea that you can think of in today’s computerized world.

Our portraits are the ideally suited for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, farewells, etc. For a very reasonable cost, you can be the proud owned of a piece of handmade art! Order portrait drawing online and let us create a beautiful memory for you. Imagine the feeling of joy of seeing a portrait drawing made specially for you!

To order portrait drawing online from your photo, simply upload your photo here and select your preferred size. You can even send your photo across by email after placing your order. Our team of portrait sketch artists in India will do the rest. You can place an order from the comfort of your home and receive delivery at your doorstep! Get portrait drawing online without having to pose live in front of the sketch artist!

The old world charm of handmade art cannot be compared to the digital photo prints of today. Having an artist study your picture and draw the same by hand on paper is a wonderful way to preserve your picture for a lifetime as art.

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Will my sketch be handmade by an actual artist?
Yes. This is a 100% handmade process. A human artist will work on your portrait project.

Do you use a photo editing app of some kind?
No we do not. No digital trickery whatsoever. Every pencil drawing is sketched entirely by hand.

What is the turnaround time for a pencil sketch?
Typically 3-5 business days

How do I place an order?
Simply select your preferred size and the number of individuals in your photo. Next, upload the photo you want us to turn into a pencil sketch and Add to Cart. It’s as easy as that.

Do you deliver outside India?
Yes. We ship worldwide. Feel free to place your order from anywhere in the world.

How will the sketch be packed and delivered to my doorstep?
Your sketch will be delivered rolled inside a tube, unframed

How long will it take to deliver internationally?
Once dispatched from our store, your sketch will take approximately 5-10 days to reach your doorstep depending on your location and the carrier used

How long does delivery take within India?
Once dispatched from our store, your sketch will take approximately 2-7 days to reach your doorstep depending on your location and the carrier used

Will I be given a chance to approve the sketch?
Yes. Once the sketch is deemed final by our artists, we will share a photograph of the finished result with you on email. Only once you are thoroughly satisfied with the results and approve of the same will we proceed towards shipping the sketch across to your doorstep

How do I frame the sketch upon receiving it?
You can visit any framing store in your area to select a frame as per your budget and home decor, or even purchase a frame online.


  • Painstakingly hand drawn to perfection by the best pencil sketch artists in India
  • The ideal handmade gift that you can think of in today’s digital era
  • A work of art that you can proudly display on your wall
  • A great attention grabber and conversation starter when placed in your home/office


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