Oil painting of portrait


Oil painting of portrait made to order from your photo.

Gifting hand painted oil portraits is an excellent way to make someone feel truly special and appreciated. The age old tradition of oil painting of portrait is back in vogue in today’s pixel world!

If you are looking to get an oil painting of photo handmade on canvas, you have come to the right place!

The Indian Hippy team consists of the finest oil painting portrait artists in India. Our highly skilled masters will create an oil painting portrait step by step on canvas for you. Turn your portrait picture into an oil painting today!

We create oil painting of a photo in a variety of different techniques such as realistic, semi-realistic as well as abstract. Our artists can do oil painting of portrait on canvas with near exact accuracy. All oil paintings of picture that we undertake are 100% hand made using artist grade colors on acid-free canvas. Thanks to our highly skilled team of oil painting portrait artists in India, we can make an oil painting of portrait that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Digital photos are fast fading and losing their charm. Instead of getting digital photo prints to display on your wall, opt for an oil painting of photo entirely made by hand.

Every brush stroke made by our oil painting portrait artists will breathe new life into your picture. The finished result will be an artistic masterpiece that you will be proud to call your very own. An oil painting of photo captures energy far better than digital photos can. What’s more, once framed correctly, your oil painting of portrait will last you for decades to come!

Our oil painting portrait artists are honest and dedicated. We will create an oil painting portrait step by step, meticulously for you. The end result will be a beautiful work of art painted entirely by hand at the Indian Hippy art studio. Our artists will capture the tiniest details with skilled brush strokes to make your oil painting of picture a true masterpiece.

An oil painting of photo is an excellent custom gift idea for that special someone. Whether it’s Valentine’s day, a birthday, an engagement, a wedding or an anniversary, order a canvas portrait today!

Remember: Digital photos are only temporary, whereas an oil portrait is forever!

To get an oil portrait today, simply upload your photo from this page and select the size you require. Our oil painting artists will do the rest! For selecting that perfect photo to convert into an oil painting, browse through your albums and select a picture that has the highest sentimental value.

Once we receive this shortlisted photo, our team of oil painting artists in India will turn it into a beautiful masterpiece!

Don’t delay. Order a handmade oil portrait today. Make that special someone feel extra special by gifting him/her a hand painted portrait painting.

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  • Our hand painted portraits from photos are artistically painted to absolute realism by the best portrait painters in India
  • Hand painted portraits from photos are the best personalized/customized gift that you can think of in today’s digital era
  • A great attention grabber and conversation starter when placed in your home/office
  • Your hand painted portraits created from your photos are can be made in either oil or acrylic paints, depending on your budget and turnaround time.


How the process works:

  • You email us a clear photograph that you would like replicated into hand painted portraits
  • Our artists study the photograph to understand facial characteristics, features and expressions
  • You pay, and we proceed with painting your hand painted portraits from photos on canvas
  • We send you a photograph of your finished hand painted portrait painting on email
  • Once you approve your hand painted portrait painting, we ship your hand painted portrait minus the frame in an unbreakable tube to your doorstep.


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