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Oil portrait from photo in your custom size. Worldwide doorstep delivery.

The vintage art of handmade oil paintings from photos is back in vogue. An oil portrait is an ideal gift for someone you truly love.

If you are looking to get a custom painted canvas from a photo, you have come to the right place!

Indian Hippy’s team of oil portrait painting artists in India will create the best hand painted portrait for you on canvas. Commission your canvas portrait today!

Your oil portrait from photo can be made in different styles such as realistic, semi-realistic or abstract. Our team oil painters will deliver their absolute best with every stroke of the paint brush. All oil paintings from photos at the Indian Hippy studio are 100% hand painted using artist quality permanent colors on natural cotton duck canvas. Thanks to the best oil portrait artists in India, your canvas will be a true work of art!

Digital photos have lost their emotional connect in today’s world. Instead of framing digital photographs for your home, commission an oil portrait from photo instead.

You will receive oil portraits at the best price from our art studio. With every coat of oil paint on canvas, you will be able to see your portrait come alive. Commissioning an oil portrait from photo is a once in a lifetime investment and must be done wisely. Expert brushstrokes by an artist can capture emotional content far better than the lens of a camera. What’s more, once framed correctly, your oil painting from photo will last you a lifetime!

Our team of oil portrait masters is fully dedicated to every canvas. We try to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. The finest details in your photo will be analyzed carefully and hand painted using the smallest size brushes available by our artists. This minute attention to every single detail will ensure the success of your portrait.

An oil portrait from photo is an excellent personalized gift idea. It is perfect for events such as birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

Remember: A digital photo is temporary but an oil painting will be with you forever.

To commission your very own oil portrait from photo, upload your image from this page and select your desired size. Our oil portrait painting artists will do the rest! The first step of ordering an oil painting from photo is to select a picture that is truly memorable. Once we have analyzed this photo, our artists will paint it entirely by hand on canvas!

Don’t delay. Order an oil painting from photo today. Surprise your spouse, friends, family or colleagues by gifting them an oil portrait painting.

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  • Our hand painted portraits from photos are artistically painted to absolute realism by the best portrait painters in India
  • Hand painted portraits from photos are the best personalized/customized gift that you can think of in today’s digital era
  • A great attention grabber and conversation starter when placed in your home/office
  • Your hand painted portraits created from your photos are can be made in either oil or acrylic paints, depending on your budget and turnaround time.


How the process works:

  • You email us a clear photograph that you would like replicated into hand painted portraits
  • Our artists study the photograph to understand facial characteristics, features and expressions
  • You pay, and we proceed with painting your hand painted portraits from photos on canvas
  • We send you a photograph of your finished hand painted portrait painting on email
  • Once you approve your hand painted portrait painting, we ship your hand painted portrait minus the frame in an unbreakable tube to your doorstep.


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