70s Bollywood mens fashion wallets: Greatest Bollywood villains of all time


70s Bollywood mens fashion wallets for sale!

Featured here is a unique Bollywood fashion merchandise product hand painted with faces of the greatest villains of all time. Take a look at this super cool wallet featuring the greatest villains in Bollywood.

A limited edition series of h70s Bollywood mens fashion wallets featuring four of Indian cinema’s greatest villains. This special product is designed especially for the bad boys. Unforgettable iconic legends, the greatest villains in Bollywood, captured by the last few remaining Bollywood movie poster artists in India on a genuine leather wallet.

This edition features four villains immortalized in Bollywood history, including the legendary “Shakaal.” Order today and carry these iconic baddies, i.e. the greatest villains in Bollywood around!

These Bollywood baddies  generate instant recall for their iconic personalities and unique dialogue delivery styles.

Made from 100% genuine leather and hand crafted to perfection by the last few remaining Bollywood movie poster artists in India. Full sized with multiple slots for cards and IDs, these wallets are the perfect Bollywood accessories to add to your wardrobe!

What’s more, these wallets will last you for years to come! We use special leather absorbing pigments to paint all our 70s Bollywood mens fashion wallets, which are made only from genuine leather. This ensure that once painted, the wallet will be safe from any cracking or fading for years to come. Grab one today before they sell out!

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  • Art and function combined
  • 100% genuine leather with super soft suede lining
  • Painstakingly hand painted to perfection by the last few remaining Bollywood movie poster artists in Mumbai, India
  • Multiple slots to hold several credit cards
  • Display flap for easy storage of ID cards
  • Buttoned pocket for holding coins/change
  • Collector’s item
  • No exact replica of its kind anywhere in the world!


Get yourself a hand painted Bollywood wallet from Indian Hippy today and get ready to flaunt your colors with pride! Drab black and brown leather wallets are passé. Indian Hippy presents exclusive, hand painted Bollywood fashion wallets crafted by the last few remaining Bollywood movie poster artists in India. Every Bollywood wallet is meticulously crafted and hand painted to perfection, depicting images that capture Bollywood movie poster art at its best. The limited edition Bollywood wallet series by Indian Hippy showcases blockbuster moments that are etched forever into the history of Bollywood movies & Bollywood movie posters. A perfect combination of function and art, Indian Hippy’s Bollywood wallets are designed for those who like “niche,” and love making an uber cool style statement. Retro, chic and most importantly, (Colour) Fully Indian!

Be different. Be an Indian Hippy!


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