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Kalon & Sonya find the perfect gift to celebrate Valentine's Day

  • Couple commissions a hand painted vintage Bollywood movie poster made by the last few remaining Bollywood poster artists in India
  • Hand painted poster portrays the couple as stars of their very own romantic Bollywood movie – Umeeden Bandhi Hain


Mumbai, India, February 7, 2012 — Sonya Roberts and her fiancé Kalon from Sydney, Australia, wanted their first Valentine’s Day together to be captured in a special way they would remember forever.

Says Sonya, “I wanted to surprise my fiancé with a really special gift we could treasure for a lifetime. I literally jumped out of my seat when I came across Indian Hippy’s custom painted Bollywood movie poster service!”

The couple commissioned a hand painted Bollywood poster from Indian Hippy featuring them as the stars of their very own movie, “Umeeden Bandhi Hain.”

Using a traditional blend of oil paints, the poster was hand painted on canvas by Indian Hippy’s expert team comprising the last few remaining Bollywood movie poster artists in India.

Adds Sonya, “We love the vintage feel of old hand painted Bollywood movie posters and are amazed to see the same recreated especially for us.”

Indian Hippy’s custom movie poster service brings back to life the age-old practice of hand painting Bollywood movie posters on canvas. “The only difference is that instead of painting movie stars of yesteryears, the artists now paint the faces of our customers,” says Hinesh Jethwani, Founder & Head, Indian Hippy (

Kalon & Sonya’s hand painted poster is currently being framed and the couple plans to put it up at their home on Valentine’s Day. “We love the artwork so much that we plan to print a photo of our very own Bollywood movie poster on all our engagement invites,” concludes Sonya.

Indian Hippy’s custom painted Bollywood movie posters come with a lifetime guarantee on colors. “A custom painted Bollywood movie poster is an excellent way for couples to immortalize their love story on canvas. Once painted, the poster becomes a lifelong keepsake,” adds Hinesh.

Customers can commission their very own custom painted Bollywood movie poster at Indian Hippy’s exclusive retail outlet at Atria Mall or via its online store:


About Indian Hippy

Indian Hippy was born over two years ago when entrepreneur Hinesh Jethwani (31) learned how digital printing had rendered the beautiful art of hand painted Bollywood movie posters obsolete. Today, the organization works with the last few remaining Bollywood movie poster artists in India with a core social responsibility and commitment towards breathing fresh life into this virtually extinct art form, and in doing so, provide a means of employment to the last surviving artists in the trade. Indian Hippy offers a gamut of products and services that rekindle the magic and charisma of old school, hand painted movie poster art by infusing it with a fresh dose of innovation.

For more information, please visit:

Indian Hippy
Atria Mall,
Shop No. 243, 2nd Floor,
Dr. Annie Beasant Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400 018
Phone: (+91) 80808 22022

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