IHVB0006 Vintage Bollywood film posters

If you are looking for vintage Bollywood film posters for sale, you have come to the right place! Indian Hippy now offers hand painted oil on canvas reproductions of all vintage Bollywood film posters for sale. Painstakingly hand painted to perfection by Bollywood film poster artists, these replicas of vintage Bollywood film posters carry excellent collector’s value.

Every single beautiful brush stroke is visible on canvas, which makes our hand painted vintage Bollywood film posters true gems to add to your art collection. Painted using quality oil paint blends on canvas, the beautiful brush strokes and vintage colors in our vintage Bollywood film posters will add true retro beauty to your wall. Apart from collectors’ value, our vintage Bollywood film posters are the ideal wall hangings for display at your home/office or commercial establishments such as cafes, restaurants, motels, DVD stores, funky boutiques, dance studios, salons, etc.

Indian Hippy’s hand painted vintage Bollywood film posters are available both in stock and can also be commissioned especially for you in any custom size that you may require – to suit your unique display needs. Whether small or wall-sized, old or new, we can recreate the beauty of vintage Bollywood film posters for you. Indian Hippy’s talented team of Bollywood film poster artists can reproduce virtually any vintage Bollywood film poster of your choice on canvas. Beautiful oil on canvas reproductions, these classic vintage Bollywood film posters are painted using traditional methods to recreate the true vintage look & feel to absolute perfection.

Call or email us today to order your very own vintage Bollywood film poster hand painted on canvas by our team of Bollywood film poster artists.

  • Great collectors value – No exact replica of its kind anywhere in the world!
  • Painstaking hand painted by vintage Bollywood film poster artists
  • Perfect way to dress up a wall at your home/office, or in a commercial establishment such as a cafe, restaurant, motel, DVD store, funky boutique, dance studio, salon, etc
  • Hand painted using a specially formulated blend of oil paints to give it a vintage Bollywood film poster look and ensure that it lasts several lifetimes!

Vintage Bollywood film posters typically take anywhere between 7-10 days to complete from the time they are commissioned.

The process is detailed as follows:

  • Step 1: You select any vintage Bollywood film poster of your choice that you would like replicated on canvas
  • Step 2: We recommend an ideal size based on your layout. For most layouts, a standard movie poster sized canvas is perfect, i.e. 40”x30” inches or 3.5 feet x 2.5 feet
  • Step 3: Once you have confirmed the size that you would like to go with, we begin the process of actually hand painting your shortlisted vintage Bollywood film poster on canvas. This process is iterative and involves stages such as stretching and preparing the canvas, pencil sketching, first wash / fill up, detailing, highlighting, lettering, border whitening, etc. Since the paintings will be done in oil paints, there is a certain amount of drying time involved in between each coat applied.
  • Step 4: Once your vintage Bollywood film poster replica has been finalized and deemed perfectly finished by our artists, a photograph of the canvas will be emailed to you for your review/approval.
  • Step 5: Once approved, your vintage Bollywood film poster replica on canvas will be finalized by cleaning up the surface, applying gloss, and whitening the borders to make them fit for display
  • Step 6: Once dry and dismounted from the easel, your vintage Bollywood film poster will be rolled and packed into an unbreakable PVC tube and sealed from both ends with caps. If required, the tube will be bubble wrapped as well for safe delivery to your doorstep.


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