IHC0013 Celebrity portraits on custom personalized furniture

Looking for hand painted customized or personalized furniture? Check out Indian Hippy’s cool custom personalized furniture hand painted with celebrity portraits by the last few remaining Bollywood movie poster artists in India.

Get your favorite celebrity portrait home and make him/her a part of your everyday life! Indian Hippy now presents an exclusive series of hand painted foldable chairs featuring a stunning hand painted portrait of your favorite celebrity. Made to order and meticulously hand painted to capture the tiniest of details accurately, the painting will leave your friends and family spellbound. A combination of function and art, Indian Hippy’s custom personalized furniture hand painted with celebrity portraits are a great way to brighten up your home. Take it outdoors or show it off in your living room. It’s a sure conversation starter!

  • Actual reclining chair that you can sit comfortably on while watching TV or reading a book. For extra comfort, a cushion can be easily added to the seat
  • High quality hand painting on the front by the last few remaining Bollywood poster and banner artists from Hindi cinema
  • Quality wood, ethnically handcrafted with engraved motifs
  • Tough, durable and portable. Can be easily folded and stored in attics, on top of cupboards, behind doors, under a bed or the back of a sedan
  • Made by dwindling set of master artisans and craftsmen in India using age-old hand crafting techniques handed down from generations
  • Easily foldable, minimizes storage space
  • The painting makes a great conversation starter
  • Easy to clean. The painting can be wiped with a soft cloth without damaging the colours or lacquer finish
  • Great collector’s value.
  • Dimensions – Measures 34 x 15 x 3 inches and weighs approx 6.75 kgs
  • Can comfortably carry a load of over 250 pounds.

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